Author of sensual science fiction and fantasy

I'm  currently working on a romantic suspense novel during Nanowrimo. It's turning out to be quite the interesting project. I just realized that even I'm not sure who done it! 

I have had the rights to two books returned from a previous publisher. Neither of the sold very many copies as they weren't on the market for long and the publisher was struggling at that point.   Now that I have them back I plan to polish them up and re issue them as Indie Books.  The first is a scifi novella which is the first in a planned series.  The title was Her Cyborg Lover,  and I don't think I will change that.

The second is a full length shifter romance which I may do a complete rewrite on before putting it back on the market. The original title was Selkie Seduction, but that may change. In fact, the whole story may change a great deal. I'll keep you updated on both of those as time goes on.

Lastly, I've got a vague plot outline for a new story "Get off my Cloud" This will be part of a multi-author series from my favorite publisher, Changeling Press.  This story is tentatively scheduled to release in February of 2017. (assuming I get it written by then!)