I've just started work on the fourth cyborg novella. So far it does not have a title but I can tell you that Joe, the adorable little Battle Rat from A Deliciously Bothersome Cyborg, has some friends that show up in this installment.  As usual, there will be mayhem, chaos and lots of hot sexy fun! The target release date is February 2nd

I'm  also currently working on a romantic suspense novel during Nanowrimo. It's turning out to be quite the interesting project. I just realized that even I'm not sure who done it!  I keep putting it aside and coming back to it. Then I have to read what I have so far to get me back into the character's heads. I'm pretty sure this is listed as "How not to write a novel" in every book on the subject. 

I have had the rights to two books returned from a previous publisher. Neither of the sold very many copies as they weren't on the market for long and the publisher was struggling at that point.   The first has been re released by Changeling Press, as the first in my new Cyborg series Terras Five.


UPDATE  - This is still pending. I just need more days in my weeks!

The second is a full length shifter romance which I may do a complete rewrite on before putting it back on the market. The original title was Selkie Seduction, but that may change. In fact, the whole story may change a great deal. I'll keep you updated o as time goes on.